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Email Send a photograph to the laboratory.
Visit Us Customising of shade matching while in attendance.
Shade Changing Subtle changes to teeth colour.

Shade Matching

When it comes to shade matching we understand the needs for the aesthetic result.

Tips for Shade-Taking

     If possible, determine the shade under daylight conditions or standardised daylight lamps, and not under normal indoor lighting conditions.
     The shade-taking environment should preferably be in muted colours.
     Patients should be asked to remove lipstick or any cosmetics which could have an influence on shade-taking.
     Clothing in pronounced colours should be covered with a grey overall.
     Make your choice swiftly; always accept your first decision, since the eyes begin to tire after approx. 5 – 7 seconds.
     Whenever possible take a shade prior to tooth preparation.
     Request the patient sit up or stand up when determining the shade. The tab should be parallel with the tooth being shade matched so to minimize depth perception errors.