At X-cellent Dentamac we ensure all our ceramic restorations, including E-max are baked in a high quality furnace, the new Programat P500. This furnace unites high-tech performance with a state-of-the-art design. The combination of a membrane-sealed keypad and large, clear graphic display with touch screen function is only one of the highlights that makes working with this furnace a pleasure.

Besides the new heating muffle technology and the fast furnace head opening system, the Programat P500 furnace is also equipped with a fully automatic temperature control set (ATK 2 ) with two temperature reference points (double range calibration). In addition, diverse auxiliary and configuration programs are at our disposal, which enable us to adjust the furnace to our requirements.

The Programat P500 features a variety of standard firing programs that are coordinated with the Ivoclar Vivadent ceramic materials (IPS e.max, IPS d.SIGN, IPS InLine and IPS Empress System). Hence, optimum firing results can be achieved, as all the components are available from one manufacturer.

Innovations such as the Cooling Shock Protection (CSP) or Thermo Shock Protection (TSP) make for a high degree of process reliability. The integrated Power Saving Technology saves money and is environmentally friendly.